Not The Onion
Brexit Can Still Be A Success With Theresa May At The Helm.

If you think we are crazy for writing this article then you are right. This is clickbait, but you cant be angry at us, you are the one that still [ … ]

News In Crazy Headlines: Oreo | Google | Tulsa Police.

Have you ever read a headline that made think “What?!”, we’ve decided that to collate all the craziest headlines from around the world. The craziest thing is all this headlines [ … ]

Museum Visitor Falls Through Giant Cartoonish Hole.

Some day decent journalism takes a back seat to moments of insanity or stupidity.  This story involves both elements,  a visitor to a Portuguese museum was injured last week when he stepped into [ … ]

Dinner For Schmucks Sequel: Vlad’s Buffoon.

We all know Donald Trump is the most Hollywood president to ever take the office, after offending Europe’s major leaders, his own intelligence services and cuddling up to America’s ideological [ … ]

African Immigrants Save White Man From Disaster.

It was only a couple of weeks ago when 22-year-old Mamoudou Gassama, now known as the African Spiderman, scaled an entire building to save a child dangling from the balcony.  [ … ]

This Serial Dine And Dash Dater, Has Left Women Broke!

Paul Gonzales is a  Californian man whose primary claim to fame is being a serial dine and dash dater. Gonzales charms women who he then takes out on dates only [ … ]