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Can Emojis Be Used To Send You To Prison?

Can Emojis Be Used To Send You To Prison. Unless you have been living under a rock, you may have heard Robert Mueller’s investigation has not found any evidence of [ … ]

Yemen Civil War: The Cold War Ravaging The Middle East.

SANAA, Yemen — A Saudi-led coalition airstrike at a fruit-and-vegetable market near Yemen’s flashpoint Red Sea port of Hodeida killed at least 21 civilians, including children, the U.N. humanitarian aid [ … ]

If The Media Knew Corbyn Was An Anti-Semite, Why Did They Wait To Tell Us?

This article is not here to defend or chastise Jeremy Corbyn. If the media and Conservative party knew in Jeremy Corbyn was a man who was a full-fledged anti-Semite. Why [ … ]

Britain’s Borrowing Is At Lowest Level Since Labour Was In Government.

Conservatives rejoice, your insistence that Labour is the party of borrowing has been proven correct by the Office of National Statistics.  Borrowing for the financial year so far has reached [ … ]

Sex Abuse Charity Boss Arrested On Child Pornography Charges.

This is one of those stories that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.  Joel Davis, 22, co-founder of advocacy group Youth to End Sexual Violence and a former UN [ … ]

Girls Get Less Than Boys For Chores, Media Claims It’s Definite Proof Of Pay Gap.

The argument about the gender pay gap is one we should have, especially if we find evidence that companies are breaking the law by paying women less than men for [ … ]

White Farmers In South Africa Are Arming Themselves.

Early in March, the South African government passed a bill by an overwhelming majority of 241 votes to 83 votes against. The proposal was to amend Section 25 of the constitution would allow expropriation of land without any financial [ … ]

Children At Every Income Level Reveal Their Favourite Toys.

If you want to see how people really live then toys are good place to start.  Dollar Street, a project from the Gapminder Foundation,  went into the homes of hundreds of homes [ … ]

On ‘Punish A Muslim Day’, Remember Muslims’ Contributions To Society.

In the past few days disgusting leaflets urging Islamophobes in England to ‘Punish a Muslim’ have been circulating and the BBC has reported that 4 MP’s were also sent the [ … ]

Killer Mike Sits Down With The NRA To Pledge His Support.
Boris Johnson’s Hitler Remarks Have Upset Russian Envoy.

Nobody has the right to insult the Russian people who defeated nazism,’ ambassador says Russia’s ambassador to the UK has denounced Boris Johnson’s remarks in which he compared the upcoming [ … ]

Theresa May Gets More Comments On Her Looks Than Jeremy Corbyn.

Are men in politics heavily criticized in the media? Ed Milliband will attest to this, so would Corbyn and Trump. However, there is large discrepancy with criticism between men and [ … ]

Meet The Millionaire Sock Entrepreneur With Down’s Syndrome.

“Pull up your socks” isn’t just a phrase to John Cronin. It’s been the key to his entrepreneurial success. John Cronin  In 2016 the then 21-year-old told his father, Mark, [ … ]

ODD News: ‘Lavish’ Public Toilets In China And The Pope’s Lamborghini

We bring other stories from the stranger side of life. This week we focus on China’s ‘lavish’ toilets and the Pope’s Lamborghini.  China’s ‘lavish’ toilets. Images have emerged out of [ … ]

Nigerian Women Bobsled Team
Lets Play: Is This ‘Sh*thole’ America Or Beautiful Africa?

If you haven’t been tuned in to American politics this week, then you have probably missed the uproar Donald Trump caused by referring to African nations as well as Haiti [ … ]

The Real Rich Kids Of Zimbabwe.

Yesterday after days of house  arrest and attempting to mobilize his cabinet, Zimbabwe’s dictator Robert Mugabe finally resigned.  Mugabe’s regime has been notorious for its corruption, those who are loyal [ … ]

The Fanciest McDonald’s In The World.

McDonald’s has opened up a new fancy restaurant in  Rotterdam, Netherlands. It’s not hard to see that they were heavily influenced by Apple stores.  The glass-enclosed restaurant, designed by Dutch firm Mei [ … ]