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Third Space: The Most Luxurious Gym In London.

Third Space: The Most Luxurious Gym In London. The company’s fifth location is the best workout you will get in London.  The health market in London is one of the [ … ]

Your Favourite Dairy Vegan Products Are Owned By Dairy Companies.

Veganism is currently on the rise in the western world. In the UK vegans are estimated to makeup 2% of the population which is more than 1.2 million people. In [ … ]

Why You Need To Change The Way You Do Concentration Curls.
The World’s Most Luxurious Health And Fitness Retreats.

We are now into February and if you have kept to your New Years resolution to pack on some muscle or to cut down then you have earned yourself a [ … ]

Gas Station Is Using Blue Lights In Bathrooms To Stop Drug Overdoses.

It has been a very negative week, with Trump opening the can of worms that is Jerusalem being the tipping point. However, we have found a story about a gas [ … ]

Here Comes The McVegan.

McDonald’s has finally conceded that the vegan movement is building ground with every week that passes. More and more people are becoming vegan everyday, as a result companies like McDonald’s [ … ]

Scientists Reveal The 10 Most Handsome Men In The World.

Digital face mapping has revealed the world’s most handsome men.  You have probably guessed who came first, George Clooney has the world’s most handsome face. The actor has been found [ … ]

Things You Can Say During Sex And At A Funeral.

Last week you loved our article on Things You Can Say At The Dinner Table And During Sex.  This week we are back with an even more entertaining premise, things [ … ]

Impossible Burger: The Plant Burger That Mimics Meat.

Impossible foods have just made the meatless burger possible.  Look at the picture below, which burger do you think is the vegetarian one? The one on the left right? Wrong. [ … ]

A Tick Bite Is Causing People To Become Allergic To Meat.

Alpha-Gal probably sounds like the nickname given to Gal Gadot due to the success of Wonder Woman, but the nickname, short for galactose-alpha-1, 3-galactose, is a sugar molecule that might just [ … ]

This 16 Year Old Basketball Player’s Physical Advantage Is Comical

Superhuman Genetics. As YouTube comment suggest, his opponents must think  “if I just move out the way I won’t be apart of the highlight.” Zion Williams is just 16 years [ … ]

Gym Etiquette For Gentleman

Bicep Curls Get Girls. Going to the gym is an important part of the gentleman’s life, not only are we well-groomed and stylish, we also have the bodies to back [ … ]

Scientists Say Small Amounts Of Weed Can Help Improve Your Memory

The High Gentleman. According to Science Alert small amounts of Cannabis everyday could actually be beneficial in memory retention. Studies done on old mice showed an improvement in learning and [ … ]

Forget The Coffee, Take A Cold Shower.

A Cold Shower A Day Keeps The Doctor Away. If you find your self struggling with low energy levels when you wake up, or you rely on caffeine during the [ … ]

Dhgate, japanes girl wearing surgeon mask
The Basics of Intermittent fasting.

The basics. Intermittent fasting is a relatively new eating method that has been seeing a huge increase in followers. Note how I said eating method. IF as it is informally [ … ]