The Craziest Watches Jacob&co Have Made.

Here at The New Gentleman we love Jacob&Co, their approach to watchmaking combines the craziest ideas any watchmaker has ever had with unrivalled execution.

If you don’t keep with Jacob&Co we have compiled a list of some of the most expensive, craziest and even unnecessary watches they have made. 

Astronomia Solar

The Astronomia Solar is a £538,000 watch made by luxury watch brand Jacob & Co.

“What really makes the piece special is really the technique. The complexity of how it works, and to have an equilibrium of all the components.”- Luca Soprana

The Billionaire 

If you are a multi-millionaire who is depressed about not being a billionaire, Jacob&Co have exactly what you need.

The $18 million dollar watch, dubbed “The Billionare” by jeweller Jacob&Co is made of 18k white gold and comes complete with 260 carats of diamonds.

A current owner of the billionaire is none other the Floyd Mayweather.


Jacob&Co were inspired by The Godfather to create this beautiful timepiece that plays the iconic Godfather theme music. The Opera is made up off 18k rose gold and sapphire.   

Caviar Full Baguette 

A grand total of 585 baguette-cut diamonds, 216 rubies and a single rose-cut white diamond wrap around the Exclusive JCBM05 flying tourbillon caliber of the Caviar Full Baguette.

Jacob&Co Dragon Movement

“Circumscribing the uniquely constructed four mechanical arms of the Astronomia Caliber is this shockingly fierce, yet extremely delicate, fully hand-engraved Dragon. This artistic centerpiece, that calls the Astronomia its home, takes up to three months to craft from a solid block of gold into this fire-breathing, ruby-eyed, completely hand-crafted serpent.”- Jacob&co