This Mercedes-Benz Icon E concept Is An Ode To The 1960s.

In 2004, a Greek taxi driver donated his W115 to the Mercedes-Benz Museum Collection with almost three million miles on the clock — the most ever recorded on a Mercedes-Benz. So we can see why accomplished car concepter David Obendorfer decided to honour this iconic model with his latest design.

“The Icon E Concept is also based on the mechanical underpinnings of the tenth-generation E-Class,” Oberndorfer explains. “My aim was to revive the seemingly contradictory concept of ‘modest luxury’, free of ostentation, through a genius comfortable car characterised by clean volumes, balanced proportions and carefully handled surfaces.”

Obendorfer also reveals that his project is a tribute to two very significant chief designers of Mercedes history. 

Inside the concept of this executive sedan, there are yet more nods to the W115. It may be a minimalist space, with few decorative elements, but the steering wheel is a direct reference to classic 60s Mercedes-Benz design.

We can’t get enough of Obendorfer’s rendering — and hope Mercedes-Benz take note. For these little heritage twists on modern designs are honest, celebratory callbacks — and a well-earned nod to the famous three-million mile motor.