World’s Richest Man Is About To Face His Biggest Challenge Yet… Divorce Court!

Jeff Bezos the CEO and Founder of Amazon had a great 2018, he finally became the worlds richest man, this came at a cost of not paying his factory workers properly. But we don’t worry about that in our capitalist system. 

However, it has broken that  Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos, say they are getting a divorce after 25 years of marriage. The Amazon CEO would probably invite a courtcase from disgruntled drivers and factory workers instead of a very costly divorce battle. 

We are hoping the two have sorted their prenup. By law, without a prenup, couples are bestowed a 50-50 split of the purse, barring some exceptions which can be argued in court.

At stake is the Bezos’ shared fortune of $137 Billion which doesn’t even account for the 400,000 acres of property they own in the United States alone.

I imagine most men would love to wake up as Jeff Bezos, but after this news has broken, I doubt many would want that kind of headache.