People Are Calling This British Transport Police Recruitment Ad Racist.

As we know the internet is now an oppression Olympics, every day someone out there must prove something offends them or is racist.

Today we have an ad from the British Transport Service Police who want to recruit more women and ethnic minorities into their ranks.

This is the ad in question:

Of course the ad is not racist, rather it is an attempt to get the police service to represent society, currently  93.4% of police officers are white, and 6.6% came from all other ethnic groups.

In the population of England and Wales as a whole, 86% of people are White (including White ethnic minorities), and 14% are from all other ethnic groups combined, according to population data from the 2011 Census.

Despite the fact that white people can still apply to be police officers and can attend this and other workshops, many online feel the ad is racist and is a form of positive discrimination.

From the outrage online we have come to the conclusion most people don’t know what a workshop is, and/or don’t  understand what proportional representation is.