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Dior Has Embraced Anime To Make The Cat Walk Great Again.

Anime has long been at the fringes of popular culture, most people can pick out Goku or Naruto on a line-up but that as far as most people’s anime knowledge goes.

This year fashion has a had an attraction to the Japanese animation style Prada took inspiration from comic book strips for S/S18, while on the high street Uniqlo commemorated Dragon Ball Z and Naruto with a line of T-shirts.

Dior’s creative director Kim Jones teamed up with Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama to create a Neo-Tokyo themed catwalk.

This resulted in the metallisation of Dior’s collections, suits were silver and grey and broad-shouldered shapes looked almost robotic in nature.

Although, Dior has been influenced their tailoring did not suffer, many of the designs would not look out of place in today’s world.

Anime which for a long time was thought to be reserved for geeks or nerds is now finally seeing its spotlight, here’s hoping more fashion houses can continue this love affair.


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