‘Babes for Trump’: Do Women Support Trump Or Are Trumpers Good At Photoshop?

To answer the question, yes million of women support the Commander-in-Chief. 

But sexy millenials are the last people you would expect to support such a repulsive man such as Trump. His own wife, who posed naked for Playboy probably felt more safe naked in front of a bunch of people than she does just standing next to him.  

Don’t ask me why, but I accidentally ended up on the hottiefortrump subreddit, and it got me curious, so I applied my Pulitzer-winning journalism to uncover the women that support Trump. 

However, I hit a roadblock straight away, after being amazed at the hot women on the that thread and on Instagram, which was good because I started considering adding MAGA to my Tinder bio to cash on on the love for the Donald. 

It turn out most of the photos you see of women wearing or pledging alliagance to the Donald are all photoshopped. Which means the right who always complain about people being sonwflakes are so triggered that they are now curating their own false reality were women like Trump. 

Real or Not?



Seems Legit


There is something childish and pathetic in the notion of creating a echo-chamber where you photoshop pictures of women in cult like symbols of your leader. 

It’s the equivalent of advertisers putting sexy women in front of cars to sell them to us:

Here look these women support Trump, so if you like women you should too

Although not all photos are photoshopped. plenty of women to regularly post to the page. 



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