5 Surprising Thing Girls Find Attractive.

How attractive are you? Everyday we make sure we leave the house looking as attractive as possible, we groom and dress to impress women primarily. If the world was full of men, I am certain we would still be walking around looking like cavemen. 

The worst place you can go to see the standard of beauty is social media, you will be inundated with air brushed and filtered pictures. So why not measure yourself with these five curious characteristics that women actually love…


Several years ago, the University of Stockholm conducted a study that revealed women are more attracted – in general – to men who wear glasses to those who don’t. There is a simple reason for this, we all believe that anyone who wears glasses is automatically intelligent. So even if you don’t have a 150 IQ, put on some glasses and you can male everyone believe you do.


This is definitely  a surprising one. A study from Liverpool University found that women associate scars with courage, health and bravery. And it’s not just the aesthetic, women also love listening to the stories behind you war wounds.  

Green fingers

I can vouch for this one because my dad is an avid gardener and if you can take care off plants and flowers taking care of women is second nature. There is a reason they call it ‘mother nature’. Nurturing plants shows both patience and the capacity for affection and – inexplicably – experts have also suggested in the past that just 30 minutes a week tending your garden can improve your performance in bed. I don’t know the science behind any of those but scientists have never lied to us before. 

Greying hair

A recent survey by a huge online dating website found that 72 per cent of women thought grey hair was ‘hot’, with still more terming it ‘attractive’. I call this the George Clooney effect, it might be a while until you reach this stage but consider it a rebirth of sorts.  The new gentleman turns into the seasoned gentleman…

Thick eyebrows

This one is tricky, let your eyebrows grow too long and they turn into a unibrow. Scientists say long eyebrows equal testosterone. And for many that is the measure of a man.



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