WWE Superstar Kane Has Been Elected Mayor In Tennessee.

Glenn Jacobs, best known as Kane, a long-serving WWE superstar and former world champion, has been elected mayor of the third-most populous county in Tennessee.

In case you still haven’t worked it out, Jacob’s ran on the republican ticket and defeated Democratic candidate Linda Haney 31,739 votes to 16,611.

Jacob’s was born in Spain ppeharps his migrant status is why during his times in the WWE he was billed as coming from ‘hell’ or the ‘underworld’.

The 51-year-old unseated a Democrat to become Knox County’s 29th mayor, running as a libertarian and promising tax cuts (surprise surprise) along with improvements to education and infrastructure.

As of the 2010 census, the Knox County population was 432,226.7

Jacobs says he was face with overwhelming laughter when he announced he would be running, but he probably looked at Donald Trump as indicator of what happens when you follow your dreams. 

We don’t how his job delivering chokeslams will be affected but he might have to divide his time up lest he gets criticised like Trump for spending to much time golfing.

Say what you want about the WWE but their eye for nurturing political candidates is unrivaled. 


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