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News In Crazy Headlines: Oreo | Google | Tulsa Police.

Have you ever read a headline that made think “What?!”, we’ve decided that to collate all the craziest headlines from around the world. The craziest thing is all this headlines are true stories!

To begin we have this story from America by Newsweek. If you don’t understand what is wrong with this title and story, the you probably don’t live in America or you just don’t understand why it would be wrong for a police officer who shot an unarmed man ti give a lesson in how not to get shot. 

Turns out Google doesn’t understand irony, it’s almost as if there isn’t a search engine to to look up the definition. 

I don’t know who is in charge of product development at Mondelez but these are Oreo flavours are a no from me. Yes, you can eat them with milk but when was the last time you washed down some chicken wings with a glass of milk?

I never thought I would hear Nicki Minaj praise Harriet Tubman and Margaret Thatcher in the same breath but its 2018 and nothing surprises me anymore. 

Have you seen an crazy headlines this week? Let us know in the comment section. 

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