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Museum Visitor Falls Through Giant Cartoonish Hole.

Some day decent journalism takes a back seat to moments of insanity or stupidity.  This story involves both elements,  a visitor to a Portuguese museum was injured last week when he stepped into an art installation resembling an inky void.

Currently on exhibit at the Serralves Museum in Porto, Descent Into Limbo by Anish Kapoor includes an actual eight-foot hole that’s painted black—so it appears to have no depth at all.

Modern art ladies and gentleman, I would not be surprised if the safety cone that was meant to warn visitors was painted white to represent the purity of the exhibition. 

According to Britain’s Times, attendees of previous showings of the work have questioned “whether there really was a hole in the floor or whether it was simply a circle painted with an extremely dark black paint.” Presumably there will be no doubts going forward.

Indeed, there was warning signs and staff warned visitors not to get close to the installation, but no-one decided that putting a barrier around an eight-foot hole would be a good idea. 

 Portugal’s Publico reports  the man who fell into the was an Italian man in his 60s, he was hospitalised shortly and has now been discharged.  The museum has temporarily closed the exhibition for a while but do plan on opening it to the public again soon. 

In addition to being known for his over-sized installations (including the giant reflective Cloud Gate “bean” in Chicago), Kapoor made headlines in 2016 when he secured the exclusive artistic rights to a physics-defying material called Vantablack.  

Vantablack is considered the world blackest material and it was developed by  a British company called Surrey NanoSystems. Check out our article on this new technology. 



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