This Woman Argues Marijuana Makes You Want To Kill People.

No. This isn’t clickbait, this is the opinion of a so-called specialist who was interviewed on the British morning talk-show Good Morning.

Usually Piers Morgan takes the headlines after this show airs either for his crazy opinions or his love for Trump. Americans if you are wondering who Piers Morgan is, he is that British guy you couldn’t understand after he replaced Larry King’s timeslot on CNN.

People against marijuana use usually cite dated information about how it could lead you to Heroin even though doctor prescribed opiods are usually what tip people into experimenting with hard-drugs. Deirdre Boyd went full fake news when she claimed “people have taken cannabis and killed others”.  If you study semantics as I do, what first annoys me about this sentence is she says “taken cannabis” as though its prescription drug. 

When I first heard her claims, I wondered where she got her information and lo and behold a quick google search showed she was regurgitating what she had read in this Daily Mail article: Smoking cannabis DOES make people more violent: Project confirms for the first time that using the drug is the cause of crimes.

As a rule in life I don’t read newspapers that capitalise words for people as though we lack basic comprehension skills. That article mentions people with schizophrenia who smoke marijuana, and most people in the world know marijuana is to schizophrenics what a snickers bar is to someone with a nut allergy. 

Boyd further goes on to say the reason alcohol and tobacco are safer than marijuana is because the public have received enough information about them.  Lets not debate the fact that this information the public has received has told us tobacco will give us cancer and alcohol will destroy your liver. 

By Boyd’s logic as long as you know it will kill you, its fine for it to be legalised. Perhaps I should start a new movement to legalise heroin, that’s been proven to kill you and its used in hospitals.  

You Can Watch The Debate Below. 





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