How To Know You Are Undisputedly A Very Handsome Gentleman.

As Derek Zoolander once said: there is more to life than being really really really good-looking. But let’s be fair handsome gentleman just have it better and since you are reading this you aren’t the most humble person and you shouldn’t be. 

According to a report in Smithsonian a good-looking man is “poised to make 13 percent more during his career than a ‘looks-challenged’ peer”.

We have done our research because we are worried many of you are tens that just don’t know it and are not making the most of your God-given talents. 

Everyone keeps telling you how intelligent you are but you don’t know what they are talking about. 

If people keep assuming your intelligence then this could be a sign you are good-looking. 

According to researchers at  St Andrews University, if people perceive you as attractive this also translates to how smart they view you, as well as perceiving you as a hard-worker. 

Although, a study at Rice University (yes, it;’s a real place) even though attractive people get mistaken for being more intelligent than they are, this can end up being a gift and a curse. There is more pressure on attractive people becoming more successful. 

There’s a cognitive bias that men who look great on the outside are great on the inside

People assume you are a really great guy even though you are a douchebag.

The problem with most douchebags in the world is that they don’t know they are douchebags. I know I am a douchebag, I do the wrong thing sometimes, if you fit this mold but people somehow mistake you for being a saint it could be your looks that are helping.  

The Halo effect, coined in the 1920s by Edward Thorndike, and pretty much comes down to our silly brains equating good looks with actual goodness. It’s the reason most bad guys in films have disfigured faces. 

Is the man in the mirror the same as the man in the selfie?

Symmetry is one of the distinguishable factors of attractiveness, so if the guy staring at you in the mirror looks the same as the man in your photos then you have symmetry going for. 

 A study from the University of New Mexico concluded that women in relationships with asymmetrical men were more likely to fantasise about being with other people.

But symmetry doesn’t always equal model looks — Homer Simpson, Robocop, ET, the majority of the Minions, Shrek — all have perfect symmetry, I don’t know anyone who would call them good-looking. 

You are really really rich. 

Economist Daniel Hamermesh is the father of pulchronomics, the study of beauty and how it affects everything around it. 

In his book Beauty Pays he argues that attractive men earn 10% more during their lifetime, if this is true then you better put your looks to good use. 

So if you have constantly got more money in your pocket than you know what to do with, find yourself being hired in recessions, then you are either very good-looking or very good a marketing yourself. Either way it’s a win. 

You get away with crimes.

If you ever find yourself as the defendant in a court case pray the jury finds you attractive.  Good-looking defendants get more lenient sentences, say social psychologists at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 

Scary enough, they believe this begins during childhood, with kids teacher find more ‘cute’ being given the benefit of the doubt.

You aren’t allowed to attend festivals in Saudi Arabia

Have you ever found yourself being kicked out of a festival? No, not for being drunk but for fear you good looks could cause anarchy.  This is exactly the position three men found themselves in Saudi Arabia. 

They were removed from one by police in 2013 for being “too handsome”, and rumours spread that they were threatened with deportation.

One of the men was Middle Eastern model poet and model Omar Borkan al Gala. 

There you are the definitive guide on how to work out how attractive you are, use it wisely.  







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