A Plus Size-Superhero Is Making A Big Entrance To A Cinema Near You.

No she’s not just coming for the food stand.

Superhero films are Hollywood’s cash cow at the moment, add a female lead to your superhero film and you are guaranteed a box-office smash. 

Sony are currently developing a movie adaptation of plus-size superhero, Faith Herbert, after signing a deal with the publisher back in 2015.

Deadline reported:

Sony Pictures is moving forward with a live action adaptation of the Valiant Comics superhero story Faith, and the studio has hired American Gods scribe Maria Melnik to write the film.

The hero is Faith Herbert, a jubilant, comics-and-science-fiction loving geek who also happens to have telekinetic superpowers. Toby Jaffe and Neal Moritzwill produce via their Original Film banner with Dan Mintz of DMG Entertainment.

Sony are also in the current process of casting the role of Faith and we are kind of leaning towards Rebel Wilson taking on the lead?

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