A Japanese Company Is Fighting Armpit Fetishes With Ads.

Women have long been used to advertise products since the dawn of time. It is said the first man who discovered fire marketed it with a scantily clad woman by his side.

A Japanese company have followed this trend but with a unique twist, they are selling ad space on women’s armpits. 

The Wakino Ad Company, which recently began operations, has released photos on its website showing how this ad strategy could be used by recruitment portals, acting schools, detective agencies and more, reported Japanese website SoraNews24.

The ads come in various sizes and are in colour, with “armpit rentals” starting from about 10,000 yen (S$120) an hour.

Wakino has already attracted their first client,  Seishin Biyo Clinic a Japanese beauty and dermatology chain has bought ad space to promote its painless armpit hair removal service. 

If you are interested in becoming a walking ad, then Wakino are currently recruiting via their website. The biggest loser in this are the hardworking armpit admirers who now have to worry about ads impeding their view. 


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