Whilst Everyone Blames Trump, What About The Parents?

Yesterday Donald Trump did something we never expect from him, he admitted he was wrong!

After outrage over his implementation of a zero-tolerance policy regarding immigrants illegally attempting to cross the US border, Trump has made a U-turn on this policy. Children were separated from 1,940 adults from April 19 through May 31 as a result of border-crossing prosecutions.

The document Trump signed won’t reunite the more than 2,300 children currently separated from their parents, whose plight Trump admitted privately this week was deeply damaging to him politically. However, it will slow down the media circus for a while until Trump’s  next blunder.

My qualms with this entire debacle is the left’s insistence on purely blaming Trump for this mess. Is it wrong to put innocent children in cages? Yes, of course it is, if you even try to debate this, your morality needs a reboot.

But do you know what else is morally vapid? Gathering your children together along with your wife and trying to illegally cross the border into the US when you know there is a zero-tolerance policy in action.

The problem with liberals is their selective outrage, let’s be honest Trump  isn’t forcing anyone to cross the border and put their family in danger. It is on this point I can partly sympathise with the right. You can’t break the law and then be surprised at the repercussions.

I also expect liberals to call on South Africa to also start treating immigrants with respect, this video surfaced in late May showing the mass deportation of Nigerians. If scenes like this were seen in America there would be riots.

Whilst the media focuses on the kids in cages, I want a spotlight on the parent that put them there.

Do you agree with my view? Let me know in the comment section…



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