This Private Jet Has All The Amenities Of Your Gentleman’s Club.

Flying is rarely ever comfortable, after all you are breathing in dry, recycled air, then there is the tiny seats which assure at least one leg cramp during your journey. The viral videos of commercial airline treating their customers like animals, show the airlines have forgotten that all people want to do on a plane is relax. 

Winch Designs have not forgotten this, they are the experts behind some of the most mesmerising private jet interior designs around. Their manifesto reads: ‘Our clients are at the center of all we do’. That’s what we like to hear. 

This is the Atlas Jets one of the project Winch have been commissioned to complete:

The designers at Winch say that commission to completion took three years and the end result proves that sometimes the finer things in life need ample time to get the best result. 

What we love about the Atlas Jet is the elements it borrows from British gentleman’s clubs of old —  bookshelves along the walls, plush leather chairs to get lost in and secret concealed doors to other parts of the planes. 

The pièce de résistance is the hidden door which leads to a master bedroom you would be forgiven for thinking wouldn’t even fit in the plane. 

The master bedroom comes equipped with its own en-suite for an experience, that the seasoned first class traveler would drool at. 

Senior Project Manager, Greig Jolly tells the Gentleman’s Journal:

People love to close the doors to the aft lounge, relax back into the large leather sofa and pour themselves a whisky. With the shades down and cinema screen on you’d never know you were onboard an aircraft at 30,000ft.

And when asked if there was anything he wouldn’t put in any of his designs, he says:

The aviation industry is extremely regulated and this clearly creates many boundaries for designers. Most items must be securely fixed to the fuselage due to the dynamic environment of the aircraft, therefore many components found in the home are not feasible in the air. In the past we’ve had requests for jacuzzis and have to politely explain that open, moving bodies of water aren’t perhaps the best thing to a have on-board an aircraft! That being said, we love a challenge and are always excited to help realise our client’s dreams!





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