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Man Known As Stephen Christopher Yaxley Claims Identity Fraud.

A hard-left 35-year-old man has claimed he is the victim of identity fraud — Stephen Christopher Yaxley says the man known as Tommy Robinson has stolen his identity.  

Tommy Robinson the former leader of the English Defence League, is currently serving a ten-month prison sentence for contempt of court after publishing a Facebook Live video of defendants entering a law court, contrary to a court order to prevent reporting those specific trials while proceedings are ongoing.

Tommy Robinson’s supporters claim he is the only man in Britain fighting pedophiles and grooming gangs, they believe the MET and the British government are in cahoots, giving Muslim’s free reign over the children in the UK. They have followed in their idols steps by assaulting police officers during their demonstrations. One wonders whether or not these supporters will turn their sights on the Catholic church which is also in the pedophilia business. Although, this seems unlikely considering the fact they have a Christian Cross as their coat of arms.  

Stephen Yaxley the man who has had his identity stolen by Tommy Robinson says the con-man has used his name in court and he no longer gets interviews for jobs. He is conflicted on whether it’s the criminal convictions on his record or ‘those bloody immigrants’ who are preventing him from getting work.  

Despite having his identity stolen by Tommy Robinson for use in a mortgage fraud case, he still recognises him as a true British patriot, and he will be in marching with the rest of Robinson’s followers on 14th July. 

This is an onion article, if your daughter doesn’t know The Onion, she is too young to leave alone with your Muslim neighbour. 



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