Everyone Needs To Re-Watch This Poem To Kanye We Ignored In 2016.

International renowned spoken word superstar Jasmine Mans (@poetjasminemans) debuted this piece titled Footnotes to Kanye in  2016. At the time there was a furor over her words, many came in defense of Kanye labelling her a ‘hater’.

In 2016 people still loved Kanye, they were queues for Yeezys, in this regard it was easy to label Mans a ‘hater’. Back then people claimed she was just using Kanye’s name to go viral.  

However, after Kanye West broke the internet with his slavery was a choice comments, this video will make more sense to people now — Mans can not be labelled a hater anymore. Her words are more truthful and hard-hitting. 

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