Can We Still Hate Trump In The Midst Of His Successes?

Donald Trump is a very polarising figure, I won’t lie, I’m not a big fan of the Donald. However, recently I have been asking myself is it possible to still harbour hate for him regardless of the fact that he might have one of the biggest foreign policy victories any president has had in recent memory.  

Bush failed in Iraq, Obama considers Syria his Rwanda, but Trump has managed to get North and South Korea to the table — a feat successive presidents have failed to achieve. The White House released a coin to commemorate the impeding summit between President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jung Un. Where we should be congratulating Trump on such an achievement; publications who only get traffic from anti-Trump news are busy focusing on the supposed double chin Kim has been given. Even as one of Trump’s most staunch critics, I do now believe his accusation that the media are against him are true to an extent.

As Chris Hedge argues: 

The press is one of the principal pillars of Trump’s despotism. It chatters endlessly like 18th-century courtiers at the court of Versailles about the foibles of the monarch while the peasants lack bread. It drones on and on and on about empty topics such as Russian meddling and a payoff to a porn actress that have nothing to do with the daily hell that, for many, defines life in America. It refuses to critique or investigate the abuses by corporate power, which has destroyed our democracy and economy and orchestrated the largest transfer of wealth upward in American history. The corporate press is a decayed relic that, in exchange for money and access, committed cultural suicide. And when Trump attacks it over “fake news,” he expresses, once again, the deep hatred of all those the press ignores. The press worships the idol of Mammon as slavishly as Trump does. It loves the reality-show presidency. The press, especially the cable news shows, keeps the lights on and the cameras rolling so viewers will be glued to a 21st-century version of “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.” It is good for ratings. It is good for profits. But it accelerates the decline.

Even when Trump succeeds the media can not bring itself to congratulate him, a lot of us are sick and tired of hearing about Stormy Daniels, all that debacle proves is that Trump is a douchebag but we knew that already. If we can overlook (or even praise) JFK’s womanising then we should do the same with Trump. 

It’s sad to see that so many Americans would rather America fail and falter just so they can blame it on Trump. For years, president after president has got into power with the promise that they will move the U.S embassy to Jerusalem. Guess who followed through with their promise? I’m part of the remaining left-wing that applauds a leader who follows through on their claims, the new liberals would rather be lied to. The media greeted Trump’s decision with animosity, the move would inflame an already volatile situation they said, but if we are being honest(liberals I know its hard) the Middle East isn’t a hotbed of peace. And it pains me to see liberals rooting for Hamas protesters in Gaza who are being killed by Israeli protesters just so Trump can fail again. 

Sidenote: I still believe Trump is a racist whose presidency depends on attacking minorities to keep his core fan base satiated.  I highly doubt the redneck Trump supporter cares about the Israeli-Palestine conflict. But I will give congratulations where they are deserved.  



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