Worst Items Released This Week: Calvin Klein’s $310 Rubber Gloves.

Haute couture for the kitchen. 

Calvin Klein‘s Raf Simons-designed line Calvin Klein 205W39NYC has just released a pair of “Rose” pink rubber gloves.

Sometimes high-fashion just seem like a giant meme and these gloves by Clavin Klein prove this.  These gloves are made from 100% acrylic rubber, the same kind you get in a good pair of dishwashing gloves. But the great mind that is Raf Simons gave the gloves a white CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC motif on the cuffs, just incase you got your dishwashing gloves mixed up with your pretentious dishwashing gloves.

The gloves have also made an appearance on the runway during his second runway show for Calvin Klein.

Calvin Keline and Raf Simons are  not the only one to make an idiotic release this week, next up are the guys at Vostok Beer. 

Australia’s 4 Pines Brewing Company and Saber Astronautics have spent the last eight years developing a beer for those who will call space home. Again, they have spent eight f*cking years creating a beer that you can only drink in space. 

According to the guys at Vostok say the beer will have the aromas of coffee, chocolate and caramel. Anyone who paid attention in a physics class knows astronauts cannot taste much if anything at all in space. But this hasn’t stopped 4 Pines Brewing Company from asking you to fund their idiotic venture.

You can learn about the space-ready beer below and can head over to the Vostok Indiegogo campaign to contribute if you have more money to waste. But whilst the concept is stupid we do have to give them props on the design of the bottle which uses surface tension to draw the beer up from the bottom towards the custom mouthpiece, “it’s basically like making a fuel tank for your beer,” the team explains.




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