Why Everyone Needs To Pirate Kanye’s Next Album!

Pirating movies, music, books or anything is a disrespectful to artistry.  So why then would I call for people to pirate Kanye’s new album?

Well, Kanye at this point of his career has let the money go to his head.  I do not have a problem with Kanye supporting Donald Trump, everyone is free to have whatever political affiliations they want. But in the case of Kanye it is not as simple as that. Kanye through his tweets is always telling us how he is the voice of a generation or how we can’t understand his random mumbling because our minds are closed. So he of all people should know the platform he has, and when he says stupid things it causes a bigger ripple than the average person.

The only reason Kanye is in the position he is today is because a lot of African-Americans and other disenfranchised black people around the world felt something in his music that spoke of the  collective experiences they were going through. College Dropout and Late Registration spoke profoundly of the black experience and as a result many – in droves – went out to buy these albums that came out in the era before you could stream any album on Spotify.  On Never Let Me Down Kanye raps “At the tender age of 6 she was arrested for the sit-ins/ And with that in my blood I was born to be different”. 

Many remember the image of Mike Meyers standing dumbfounded next to a Kanye who proclaimed during  live telethon for Hurricane Katrina: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Before this final statement the rapper had extemporised on race, money and aid efforts. Contrary to his infamous Taylor Swift moment years later, West received widespread support for his comments. It is here wherein the problem lies, in his latest tweets Kanye has spoken of his love for Donald trump a man who got into power promising to build a wall to keep out Mexicans, a man who repeatedly made accusation that former President Barack Obama was not born in the country so didn’t deserve his presidency. On Barrack Obama, West attacked him in tweets claiming he did nothing to help Chicago. Despite the rapper himself being from Chicago, Kanye boasted in tweets about he is on course to become the richest man in footwear, why then unlike Chance the Rapper can he not donate some of this money to invest in infrastructure in Chicago. Many have propagated this myth that Obama is the reason Chicago is in the state its in, when in reality Obama never had the power to change Chicago all that much. When you are president you are president of a country and we all know how states feel about intervention from Washington.  If you read Dreams from father’, before he was president Obama tried to improve  Chicago as a community organiser, but faced many hurdles even from members of the community.


The problem many have with Kanye’s latest sentiment is that they are not genuine and they deviate from the reason many people have supported him thus far. On ‘So Appalled‘ a song of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Kanye raps “I’m so appalled Spalding ball/
Baldin’ Donald Trump/ takin’ dollars from y’allBaby your fired/ your girlfriend hired”. Kanye has been silent on the topic of politics for months yet when he announces he will drop an album he suddenly become Donald trump’s biggest supporter? I predict this is nothing more than a marketing scheme from Kanye and this is  another reason we should pirate his next album. The money has now clouded his judgement, in reality it is Kanye who has ‘taken dollars’ from us.

Kanye is not alone in the sunken place, he tweeted his support for Candace Owens an up and coming black right-wing commentator.  Owens hits the alt-right talking points that racism is all in black people’s heads. She recently went on Fox News and did the right-wing tactic of claiming the left is trying to silence her whilst speaking on a national television show that is watched by million (I know its hard to find logic from the right). Candace Owens herself has sold out despite in 2015 being a victim of the racism she claims is imaginary.  Whilst at Stamford high school she received threatening racist phone calls which were traced to a car the son of Govenor Danne Malloy was present.

This entire debacle with Kanye proves that many black celebrities, once they have amassed fortunes isolate themselves in a bubble which they think is the same reality for everyone else. I will term this the ‘Lil Wayne syndrome’, you may remember a few months ago the rapper claimed he had never experienced racism. But what he didn’t realise was that he has been rich since he was 12. Racism’s biggest enemy is wealth, no-one will let you know their true feelings if you pay their bills. 

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