Fake ‘Black Lives Matter’ Facebook Page Removed After Raising £71,000.

The page was run by a white man in Australia.

Black Lives Matter is a very powerful movement at this point and many are willing to donate money to their cause, it is this kind of good heartedness that scammers look to exploit.

According to CNN (via BBC), the fake account was part of a larger operation of online fundraising platforms, which have raised over £71,000 (USD $100,000, AUS $129,000).  The page has since been taken down after it was revealed the page was being run by a man in Australia.

Patrisse Khan Cullors, one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, tweeted: “Last month we demanded @Twitter to take down the fake twitter BLM account”.

“This month the fake BLM Facebook account was shut down. It’s so unfortunate folks were scammed by fake BLM accounts and people. “

Patrisse told CNN that she tried to contact the Facebook numerous times  in order to report the fake page.

According to CNN the scammers also ran other pages on platforms such as Donorbox, Paypal and Patreon — this contributed to the $71, 000 they managed to scam.

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