This NBA Superstar Is A Vegan.

JaVale McGee is an NBA superstar who plays for the current NBA champions Golden State Warriors. 

In addition to his rim-protection and lob-conversion duties, McGee is also: the tallest techie you’ll ever come across, a fanny-pack enthusiast, host of the very entertaining “Parking Lot Chronicles” YouTube show on Kevin Durant’s channel and, as of last year, a full-time vegan.

JaVale first started researching vegan diets to shed some weight that was causing health problems for his knees. Any one who has played basketball knows how devastating the sport is for your knees, ad the effect are worse when you are 7’0 at 270 pounds.

When asked by GQ , why he went full vegan this was his response: “It was probably like two to three years ago. I went vegan for a couple of months, just to lose weight immediately. It wasn’t for the moral aspect back then. It was more because once you go vegan, it sheds the bad fat real fast. I do that before the season, but I’ve been fully vegan for about five to six months now since the season started, and probably a month before.”

Unlike most vegans, JaVale is not vegan necessarily for the moral aspect, rather, it has helped him lose weight.

When I do things, I just fully commit to it. I feel like there is no point in half-assing. I just do it, and if I don’t like it, I just stop doing it. It’s been good. I was losing weight and getting more cut, as you can see, and I just felt really good.

he next time someone tells you that a vegan diet is not god for maintaining muscle or it will reduce your energy, point them in the direction of JaVale McGee a 7’0 NBA giant.

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