This Is The Age You Are Most Likely To Become a Millionaire.


Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire, a few actively chase this dream and only 1% only succeed.  

But unless you are Mark Zuckerberg you might have to wait a couple of years to start living your millionaire lifestyle. 

The average age of a first time millionaires is 37, it has been found. In data that has been released by Betway insider, we have also found out the age most people become billionaires and its a bit older than 51.

If you aren’t quite there yet to become a millionaire, you can follow the Amazon or PayPal model, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have become titans because of the way the revolutionised technology.  With the rise of AI or AR there are many ways to revolutionise the way we do things in society. This where you million dollar idea could be.  

The findings have also shown that two-thirds of the world’s richest people have a university degree and the most common degree the world’s richest have attained is technology. If you want to make certain you become a millionaire then you need to learn your trade at the one and only Harvard.  

Do if you are still in your twenties, don’t worry there still time, educate yourself on the advance happening in technology, maybe go back to university and get a degree in computer science or look at ways you can make people’s live easier.