Check Out The Best Steakhouses In London.

A good steak should be at the top of every gentleman’s menu, we have found you the best places to get juicy, high quality steaks in London. We have done the research so you don’t have to, just remember your wallet  and appetite. 

Heliot Steakhouse

If I told you there was a steakhouse in London that was open 24/7, you would doubt the quality of their steaks and rightly so. Things a steakhouse shouldn’t be associated with are fast food, 24/7 opening times and vegan menus. At Heliot you get a selection of USDA prime steaks, aged for between 4 and 6 weeks to develop tenderness and flavour.

Sophie’s Steakhouse

Sophie’s new Soho location means there is no more excuses to not visit this great steakhouse. The menu at Sophie’s is all sourced locally, it is a return to the basic cooking that made steakhouses so great. The Soho location has a generous Bar and beautiful hand-made light installation. Lets not forget, the Custom-built wood fired grills that the steaks are grilled to perfection on.  

Beef & Brew

In Kentish Town, Beef & Brew only serve three steaks (Hanger, Chateau and Wing Rib), despite the lack of selection when it comes to steaks, their large beer selection makes up for this. You will also appreciate the low-lit cosy environment the guys at Beef & Brew have managed to create. 


The Modern American Steak House is a Danish restaurant in Soho, but their cuts come from all over the world. Whereas, Beef & Brew lack a large selection MASH has a huge selection to choose from. Even tough this might confuse the sporadic steak eater, the searing is done to perfection meaning any cut you choose will always taste great.  




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