ODD News: ‘Lavish’ Public Toilets In China And The Pope’s Lamborghini

We bring other stories from the stranger side of life. This week we focus on China’s ‘lavish’ toilets and the Pope’s Lamborghini. 

China’s ‘lavish’ toilets.

Images have emerged out of China of new ‘lavish’ public toilets.  The toilets have come after the president called for the country to have “toilet revolution”.  Since 2015 the government as spent 2.6bn to upgrade public toilets, such as the one above – behind a privacy fence – in a park in Guizhou province.

Pope’s Lamborghini.

Pope's Lamborghini

Francis has announced plans to auction off for charity a brand new, personalised papal Lamborghini Huracan. The Huracan was gifted to his excellency by the manufacturer and normally retails for £180,000, but since it has been blessed and signed by the Pope it should fetch more at auction. 

Missing woman found on reality show.

A Californian woman who was reported missing by her mother has been found in the most interesting way. She has been found healthy and alive on The Bachelor TV show. Rebekah Martinez’s mother reported her missing in mid-November, but was several weeks before Martinez left the show and was able to contact her family.




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