Meet The Millionaire Sock Entrepreneur With Down’s Syndrome.

“Pull up your socks” isn’t just a phrase to John Cronin. It’s been the key to his entrepreneurial success. John Cronin

 In 2016 the then 21-year-old told his father, Mark, he wanted to start a business but he wasn’t sure what kind.

“My first suggestion was a fun store, but we didn’t know what to sell,” says John, a native of New York’s Long Island. Like many entrepreneurs he let is creative juices flow and he had the idea to open a food truck but there was one big obstacle:”We really can’t cook!” jokes Mark. 

Colourful socks.

After exhausting their other business ideas, Man and John finally settled on colourful socks. “John had worn crazy and colourful socks his whole life, so it was something he loved and he suggested we should sell socks,” says Mark.

“Socks are fun and creative and colourful, and they let me be me,” says John, who has Down’s syndrome.

John’s Colourful Sock

A year on after deciding to sell socks the two entrepreneurs have made$1.4m (£1.03m) in revenue, raised $30,000 for charity. Their customers also include world leader and former US presidents. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former US President, George HW Bush.

Their online store has over 1,400 different socks, featuring everything from cats and dogs to Donald Trump. Their customer service is spectacular aswell, every order is shipped the same day, with hand-written thank you note and a packet of sweets. Even better, if you live near John he will hand deliver your package to you.

In their first month, John’s Crazy Socks delivered 452 orders. Three months later this had risen to over 10,000, they had t move into a new premises in order to cope with pressure and demand.”We’ve been a little surprised at how fast it’s grown,” says Mark.

As the face of the business Jon does not shy away from shaking hands and kissing babies. In fact he regularly attends trade shows and speaks with suppliers and customers. John is also an ideas man he has come up with initiatives such as “Monday madness mystery bag” and “Sock of the month” club.

The pair donate 5% of all profits to the Special Olympics, on top of this they also have an “awareness socks” line to raise money for charities including the National Down Syndrome Society and the Autism Society of America.

“Down’s syndrome never holds me back,” says John.

Get yourself a pair John’s Crazy Socks HERE


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