Someone Finds Your Snot Sexy, Who Knew?

It starts with a little tickle, you can feel it building up, you start fearing it may never come and then…. achooooo. You let it out. A beautiful sneeze and also the indicator that you are going to miss work tomorrow. 

Catching a cold drives most of us crazy, but for some there is a sexual energy which excites them about mucus. Mucophilia is an attraction to sneezing and other mucus related bodily functions.  There is no hard number on how many people get turned on by colds, but there are currently over 6,054 members of Sneeze Fetish Forum . There is also a niche sector of this mucophilia fetish, who make up 300-member-strong website SneezeFurs. These are members of the furry sect that also share a love of snot. 

“The best explanation I can give is in the loss of control,” says Andre, a 34-year-old from Michigan who discovered his arousal from sneezes when a high school classmate had an allergic fit. “You can’t help sneezing, it happens to the best of us. It’s enticing to see someone try to quell the urge to sneeze by sniffling or rubbing their nose, but to no avail. It’s going to happen whether they want it to or not. The entire process of a sneeze, from the first itch or burning to the sharp intake of air through the lungs and the loud outburst and visual mist of saliva and mucus being expelled will always do it for me.”

The mucophilia fetish has also spread to YouTube, a nineteen year-old  named Stella runs a YouTube channel in which she records sneezing videos in a bra for her band of loyal followers. 


She first discovered sneezing aroused her when she was 13 and soon discovered sneezing videos.

“I started reading comments in the wee hours of the morning and realized that people were getting turned on by these videos and even getting off to them,” Stella said. “I thought that was so strange until I realized that my panties were soaking wet, and I was clearly being aroused as well.”

“I don’t intentionally get sick because I would have to deal with all of the other symptoms that I wouldn’t enjoy, but I definitely find pleasure in getting colds,” she said.

Many of you are wondering why we wrote  this article, our question to you is why did you read it?

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