Moving Fast: Ferrari and the Hublot Techframe.

The legendary car marque has lent the Swiss watch giants the benefit of their expertise to shape its ground-breaking new timepiece.

Formula One and luxury watches go hand in hand, watch any Formula 1 race and you will likely see you’ll see the name of at least one watch brand emblazoned on the side of a vehicle. But the synergy between the two goes beyond aggressive marketing campaigns. Both field require the precision of machines, a watch require a skilled hand to design and create a one of a kind time piece that lasts a lifetime and more. A Formula 1 car is the pinnacle of technology made by man. So because of this it is usually disappointing when F1 manufacturers do a collaboration with a watch designer, we usually get a generic watch with Ferrari or BMW logo on the watchface. 

However, Hublot who are not ones to shy away from experimenting have teamed up with Ferrari to create a masterpiece. Hublot gave Ferrari the reigns on this watch.

“It was nice because at the beginning of the project we said, ‘Now, we will design a watch’, so Ferrari will be the creator,” explained Flavio Manzoni, head of design at Ferrari. “Of course Hublot gave us huge support in the possibility to produce it, but the design has, since the first moment, been considered as made by Ferrari.”

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of the watchmaker, puts the success of the watch to this new way of working “It shows that we’re open to ideas that come not only from our industry but other industries, but in this particular case it’s the car industry and Ferrari – and I have to say they’re quite good cars,” he joked. “The innovation here is making the watch from a case point of view, because before the case was mainly for the protection of the movement, so most brands do a simple version. It opens up new ways of making the outside of the watch.”

Similar to the chassis of a supercar the lattice structure of the case is designed to deliver maximum strength for minimum weight. The watch can be even lighter, you get the choie of three material: Titanium, PEEK Carbon (a highly durable and resistant polymer) and King Gold, a scratchproof gold alloy exclusive to Hublot.

Manzoni attributes Ferrari’s seven decades of their success down to their method of combining technological expertise and aesthetic expertise “A Ferrari is not a Ferrari unless you find three important aspects: the pleasure of driving, technological innovation and beauty,” he said. “But I think the first element of why Ferrari is a legend is that they are not only cars, they hold another meaning. When we design at Ferrari, we start with a dream.” 

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