Five Ways Racism Is Affecting White People: A Rebuttal.

Every week here at The New Gentleman we scour through dozens of stories to report on, and sometimes we do find gems, for example the gas station in Pennsylvania that is reducing overdoses in its bathrooms by using blue lights.

However, once in a while we will stumble across a poorly written, illogical and just plain false article. We usually try to ignore such articles but this particular article from listverse is probably the stupidest thing we have read so far this week. Mind you, you shouldn’t expect groundbreaking journalism form a publication that assumes its readers intelligence only helps them comprehend information in list form.

If you haven’t guessed from the title the article in question is Top 10 Ways Racism Affects White People, we will only be focusing on five points made in the article. We know there are ten points made in the article but many just repeat themselves and offer no logical argument. This is  probably why you shouldn’t base your publication on top ten lists as you sometimes have to just add fillers for the sake of your brand. 

You Can Write Whatever You Like About White People.

This is not true, no one can write slanderous things about white people and neither can they about any person of any other race or religion. The writer of the article argues that it has become fine to start an article with: : “I blame white people”. There is nothing wrong with this sentiment at all because ‘white people’ are to blame for a lot of things: racism, slavery and colonisation being their greatest exports. So yes it is okay to blame white people for things they are responsible for, if a person wants to title their dissertation “10 Ways White People Messed Up The World” they have full prerogative to do so, because the facts are in plain sight. Can they choose a better title? Of course. But when the truth is put in plain form it hits harder. 

White Victims Of Violence Get No Media Coverage.

This one confuses me, first of all the writer makes the argument that white people are being unfairly treated by the media because the media does not report on white people who have been the victims of shootings by a black person. The writer then goes on to use the case of Roderick Scott, a black man who shot and killed  17-year-old Christopher Cervini, who was white. The writer then goes on to compare Scott to George Zimmerman who killed Trayvon Martin. However, there is no similarities between the two, when Christopher Cervini was killed he was in the middle of committing a crime, when Trayvon Martin was killed he was in the middle of walking home. Furthermore, after his acquittal by the jury, Scott unlike Zimmerman did not make $250,000 selling the gun he used to kill an unarmed teen in an auction. 

Any one who thinks white people are unfairly treated in the media is severely deluded. Aside, from Fox news villanising Muslims all over America, there is a bias towards positively reporting on crimes committed by white people.

Check out this Fox News headline: ‘Oregon school shooting suspect fascinated with guns but was a devoted Mormon, his friends say’

But when reporting on Trayvon Martin no publication spoke of his faith or the good things he had done, the Daily Mail led with: ‘Trayvon suspended THREE times for ‘drugs, truancy, graffiti and carrying burglary tool’.

Racism Is Not Power Plus Privilege

Racism= Power+Privilege it can not be clearer, even the writer of the piece quotes Judith Katz: “It is important to push for the understanding that racism is prejudice plus power and that, therefore, Third World people cannot be racist against Whites in the United States. Third World people can be prejudiced against Whites, but clearly, they do not have the power to enforce that prejudice.”

There is a huge difference between discrimination and racism, everyone is capable of discrimanation, however not every one is capable of racism. Many people often confuse the two and over simplify the latter, It is possible for people in Africa to discriminate against white people, an example is Kenyan merchants charging the ‘mzungu’s'(white people) more for nick-nacks and other things. This is discrimination but due to colonization it is not hard to understand why many people in former colonies have such resentment to white people. 

Racism is completely different, the black merchant in Kenya who discriminates against you, is not in a position to be racist towards you. They lack the power and standing in society to be racist. This is why it’s called institutional racism. It the same reason why many countries that were former colonies now predominately speak English and worship the Christian God. Institutional racism strips the power from minorities, yes I can discriminate against you but in reality you still have more power than I do, you control the schools, the media and the government. Racism is segregating education and making sure generations of black people don’t receive the same education of their white counterparts, its training border control agents to search those with brown skin because the media has linked skin color with terrorism. 

White People Are Forbidden From Heritage

White people are not forbidden from any heritage. The reason white people do not have a ‘white history month’ is because we celebrate white history everyday, we have recently just celebrated Thanksgiving one of many white holidays that are celebrated every year. All our museums are filled with the history of white people, all our galleries are filled with the paintings and sculptors of white people. Confederate statues have been enacted celebrating white history. We are about to celebrate Christmas a holiday in which a loveable white man goes round giving gifts to kids. So it’s very confusing when white people complain that they cannot celebrate ‘white pride’. Whilst on the topic, for many countries such as Britain, its most powerful and fruitful years was when they colonized the world, so yes when you celebrate invading people’s countries and stealing their culture from them it is racist. There is a reason why Native American are not in the partying mood come Thanksgiving, as it is literally Americans celebrating the slaughter of their ancestors. 

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