“Snowflake” Label Causing Mental Health Problems For Young People.

 “You are not special. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake”

This phrase originates from US author Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 book Fight Club, earlier this year Chuck took credit for coining the term, adding: “My friends who teach in high school tell me that their students are very easily offended.”

According to  research from a U.K.-based insurance firm, Aviva, 72% of 16-24 year-olds (note: this includes overlap with Generation Z), think the term “snowflake” is negatively affecting their mental health. 

Young people are now refered to as the “snowflake” generation, this is because of their perceived weakness in dealing with controversial issues, which usually result in ‘cry-ins’, tantrums and circling petitions online.  

The research revealed that young people are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, stress. “Almost half of adults between 16 and 24 said they had experienced stress or anxiety, compared to just over a third of all UK adults,” notes The Telegraph.

“Our findings suggest that young adults are more likely to be experiencing mental health problems, so using a phrase which criticises this age group could add to this issue,” said Aviva medical expert Dr. Doug Wright.

“Any term used disparagingly to a segment of the population is inherently negative,” said the doctor.

“While young adults in particular appear to take offence to the ‘snowflake’ label, the majority of adults agree that the term is unfair and unhelpful, so it’s important that people consider how such labels are used, and the cumulative effect they could have on their recipients,” added Wright.

However, whilst society has made huge progress in addressing the taboos of mental health, the younger generation needs to stop exhibiting behavior such as crying over elections and needing trigger warning’s before lectures. Because as it stands the older generation do have a point in saying young people today are easily offended.

Hopefully we haven’t offended our readers today….

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