Londoners Are Showing Support Of Sadiq Khan Over Uber Ban And Handling Of Grenfell.

Sadiq Khan has been receiving a boost in support after it has emerged that Londoners support the decision for Uber’s licence in London to be revoked. 

The London mayor was recently criticized by Theresa May of endangering the jobs of thousands of people for backing the decision made by Transport for London (TFL).

However, it has been revealed that more Londoners support than disagree with the decision, the mayor personal reputation has escaped unscathed during the row. According to a YouGov poll for Queen Mary University of London, 43% back the decision, while 31% oppose it. Only voters aged between 18 and 24 are against the move, with 47% disapproving and 30% approving. Among Uber customers, 49% say TFL was wrong 31% say it was right.

Khan’s personal ratings remain very high, his net approval rating is at plus 35,  which has been the norm throughout his mayoralty so far.

Uber chief executive has since apologized for “mistakes” which led TFL to reject its license application because of a “lack of corporate responsibility” in relation to reporting criminal offences, obtaining medical certificates and driver background checks.

The Tories are the ones who should really be worrying about ratings in London especially since the general election. In worrying signs for May, the Tories have fallen even further behind in London since the June election and are now 25 points behind Labour. The new poll puts Labour on 55% support and the Tories on 30%, when asked who would make a better prime minister 35% of Londoners say Jeremy Corbyn, while only 22% say May.

Labour’s vote is still at stratospheric levels,” said Philip Cowley, professor of politics at Queen Mary. “At the general election, Labour polled 55% of the vote in London, the Conservatives on 33%. This poll has Labour slightly extending their lead.

“We also asked about how Londoners would vote in a council election. These are due in London next year. Excluding don’t knows and would not votes, we have Labour on 53%, and the Conservatives on 29%.

“This would represent the best performance by any party in London elections since Harold Wilson’s Labour in 1971, and put Labour on course for significant gains.

“Sadiq Khan continues to poll extremely well. We have now asked a question about his approval four times since March 2017, and he polls as highly now as he did then. His net satisfaction rating – those who think he is doing well minus those who think he is doing badly – is +35, with 58% thinking he is doing well, just 23% badly.”

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