Here Comes The McVegan.

McDonald’s has finally conceded that the vegan movement is building ground with every week that passes. More and more people are becoming vegan everyday, as a result companies like McDonald’s are now investing into this market.

A McDonald’s trial of a vegan burger in Finland has cooked up some “promising” results, with sales so successful the company may offer the McVegan nationwide.

However, those of you who are hoping for an animal-free happy meal, will have to wait until the trial in Finland is successful.

Sales are from 4 October to 21 November at five shops in Tampere, Finland.

“The first results are very promising,” spokeswoman Heli Ryhanen said.

“At the moment at least, it feels like it might be sold nationwide.”

According to 2009 survey, 1% of people in Finland identify as vegan, but Finland’s meat consumption is lower than that of the US and many European countries.

Ms Ryhanen said the company considers the McVegan the “next step” for its local menu, after veggie burgers were added in 2012.

The firm developed the soy patty in Finland, with Finnish tastes in mind, she said.

“It was important to have a juicy patty,” she said.

McDonald’s and their frachisees run 64 stores in Finland which makes it ideal to test out new products.


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