The World’s Most Racist Countries Revealed On This Map.

After the xenophobic rise of Trump to power and the uprisings in Ferguson and Missouri, it is no secret that America is still struggling with the question of race. But is the US more tolerant than other countries? According to a 2013 study by the World Values Survey, Americans overall are much more tolerant than the citizens of most other places in the world.

The World Value Survey is a global network of scientists and researchers based in Sweden who study changing values and their impact on social and political life. To get this data the groups researchers asked participants of more than 80 countries what kind of person they would prefer as a neighbour. Those who respondent  they wouldn’t want “people of a different race” were deemed racially intolerant. The map  by The Washington Post to depict how 80 countries responded to the question.


What can we takeaway?

– Countries in the Middle East and Asia were found to be the least racially tolerant.
– Latin and Anglo countries were the most racially tolerant.
– Jordan and India were the least racially tolerant.
– France was the least racially tolerant country in Europe.

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  1. john may

    Unless you publish the figures for ethnic groups in each country and the results of each group then this really means nothing. UK for example has more people residing in the UK than UK dsecendants. The American Indian is the only native in the US, every one else is from somewhere else, so really if you are going to put people in a box then go the whole hog.

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