Most Ingenious Food Packaging Inventions.

Have you ever had to spit out gum but could not find a tissue? This company provides you with paper inside the gum packaging to dispose your gum. 

These tea bags, can turn the tea drinking process into a sophisticated experience. 

If you sometimes forget to check the best before date of your milk, this company makes packaging that changes colour as the milk get closer to its sell by date. 

These sustainable egg carton are made from heat pressed hay which is shaped into carton. 

If this doesn’t make you a laugh, I don’t what will.

There no need to squirt your fries with ketchup anymore, this handy packaging has got you covered. 

This hot sauce bottle that lets you adjust the spice level.

This packaging is made from the fruits that were made to make the juice you are going to drink.

 Fit Buns High Protein: Bread.

This one is crazy!

The stickers on the avocado’s tell you when they are ripe. 


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