5 Awesome Taxi Apps You Can Use Instead OF Uber.

Transport for London has confirmed that Uber has lost it’s London license, this has left millions of Londoners who use the service wondering how they are going to get around the capital. 

However, there is good news, there are other taxi hailing alternatives, when taking the bus, cycling or walking just isn’t doable.

1.  Gett

This black-cab booking app, available on both iOS and Android, came to London in 2011. Gett doesn’t do surge-pricing like Uber during peak times. Gett fares are often reasonable, and in a new collaboration with urban travel planner Citymapper, ‘Gett Together’ will offer a new fixed-route taxi service through the city for a flat fare of £3. If you don’t live in London Gett is also available in cities outside the capital, including Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds and Birmingham.

2.  Addison Lee

Addison Lee has been around longer than Uber, but many have accepted it to be the more expensive alternative. However, changes to their app has made it easier to use, with options to book taxis at a chosen time or straight away. 

3.  Kabbee

Kabbee claims to be 65% cheaper than an average black cab and with over 10,000 cars in London, there’s no shortage of them. Users can book from five minutes to months in advance and the company only works with licensed partners.

4.  MyTaxi

You may know this app as Hailo, which was its former name,  this black cab app  operates in over 50 cities across Europe. Unlike Uber, MyTaxi lets you pay with cash or online with the receipts emailed to the passenger. The company has already reacted to the Uber news by offering 50% off fares in London.

5. BlaBlaCar 

This is a carpooling service popular across Europe but it isn’t a taxi-hailing app. Instead of booking a taxi, users of BlaBlaCar can carpool with people who are already making a journey by connecting people with drivers who have empty seats.




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