Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast.

You Loved The Things Successful People Do Before Bed.

People  who find success in life like to do things their way, this is how most million, or even, billion dollar ideas are created. However, successful people are also similar in many ways, we showed you their habits before bed last week. This week find out the things successful people do before they’ve even had breakfast.

1. They Wake Up

Carpe Diem

Successful people know that time is a precious commodity, if you want your day to be successful then you should make sure you are up early to get a head start.

Your day can easily get taken up by a multitude of tasks, phone calls, emails etc. But you have complete control over your morning hours. 

When is the last time you woke up at 4 am? This is exactly what Pepsico CEO  Indra Nooyi does, ad she makes sure she is in the office by 7 am.  In a poll done by Laura Vanderkam 90% of executives said they wake up before 6 a.m. on weekdays.

In short, to maximise your chance of success an early start in the morning is essential. 

2. They Exercise

Fortune 500 CEO’s are very important people if they can make time to fit in a workout in their hectic schedules, it must mean it’s just as important as any board meeting. 

Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk and Disney’s Bob Iger all wake-up super early so that they can get a workout in.

According to Dr Travis Bradberry “Getting your body moving for as little as 10 minutes releases GABA, a neurotransmitter that makes your brain feel soothed and keeps you in control of your impulses — improvements in your behavior that you can measure with an emotional intelligence test.”

We don’t need to go into detail about the benefits of working out, apart from stress relief and improving quality of sleep, exercise is King. Check out our article on Common muscle building myths. 

3. They Work On An Important Business Project.

In the morning, you are less likely to be distracted, your mind is fresh and the day has started to reduce your energy levels. What better time to start working on that super-important project you’ve got assigned. 

Case study: Business strategist Debbie Moysychyn found she could not get any free time during the day due to ad hoc meetings and interruptions that plagued her day. When she made the decision to come into the office at 6:30 am she found there were no colleagues to distract her from her work.

4. They Work On A Passion Project

This is for the same reasons as above, they have more time and less distractions. But instead of doing something work related they work on a passion of theirs. Google is the main proponent of this, they actively encourage their employees to have passion projects. And because of this Gmail and Google Adsense were born.

Don’t get too caught up in your work, take some time to work on something you just love doing for the sake of it, this will boost your creativity and help you hone other skills in an enjoyable medium.

5. They Spend Time With Family.

Growing up, my parent always prioritised having dinner with the family. Unless you had other more important plans it was compulsory.

Successful people have also noticed the benefits of spending time with loved ones, if not evening then in the morning- whether it’s reading or making breakfast together.

If Barack Obama when he was president could always find time to have breakfast with his family this shouldn’t be a difficult task for you and me.

6. They Meditate To Clear Their Minds

If you have read our article on things successful people do before going bed then you know meditation was one of those things. Meditation is just as important in the morning, in the evening meditation should be used for reflection, in the morning, meditation is to clear your minds.

Before heading out to the busy hustle of a fast paced day many successful people devote themselves to a spiritual practice such as meditation or prayer to centre themselves for the rush of the day. 

7. They Make A List Of Things They Are Grateful For.

When is the last time, you took a minute in the morning to just think about the things you are grateful for?

Expressing gratitude is another great way to centre and ground yourself before starting the day. Writing down the people, places, and opportunities that you’re grateful for takes just a few minutes but can make a real difference in your outlook.

Pharmaceutical Executive Wend Kay says she likes “expressing gratitude, asking for guidance, and being open to inspiration.”

8. They Check The News 

If you find a CEO or executive who doesn’t watch the news in the morning let us know because they are rarer that a unicorn.

Business heavyweights such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jack Dorsey and Virgin America CEO David Cush, watch the news to keep tabs on what’s going in the world so that they know how that’s going to affect their business. 

9. They Check Their E-mails

According to a survey from Robert Half Management Resources, most executives (50 percent) begin their days by checking their email. 

Low level employees were also included in this survey and one-third (39 percent) of entry-level employees started their days with checking their emails.



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