House Of Cards Season 5 Is Set To Be The Most Terrifying Yet.

One Nation Underwood.

Since it first hit Netflix screens, House of Cards has been a terrifying show. However the first four seasons, whilst the show may have shocked us, it always felt unrealistic and disenchanted from reality. The moral bankruptcy of the characters, could not be how politics in Washington is handled, or could it be?

This season, the political system on which the show is based is in turmoil, the US government suddenly seems dangerous. And in season 4 Frank Underwood says “We don’t submit to terror. We make the terror”. Right now America is embroiled in heated diplomatic issues with North Korea, which has any believing in an inevitable nuclear showdown. So what was before a political soap opera now seems very real and the ethical compromises of the Underwoods for power no longer seem unrealistic. 

Season 5 will premier May 3o. 

In the trailer for Season Five, Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood, along with his wife Claire (Robin Wright), imagine “One nation… Underwood.” And knowing them they’ll do whatever it takes to get there.

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