Gymder, The Tinder For Bodybuilders

Find A Partner To Get Swole With.

A quick glance on Instagram discover, and you will find dozens of gym couples, wearing matching vests and his and hers shaker cups. 

We have published two articles on tinder, one on how to get more matches and another on taking out your tinder date. But if by some chance our guides have not worked for you it may be that you are using the wrong app. If you are a bodybuilder or ‘gym bro’. Gymder may be your opportunity to find your ‘gym bae’. 

An entrepreneur in America, is trying to revolutionise the already  over-populated dating app market. Gymder describes itself as a “platform for fitness” where you can find workout partners. Its purpose is essentially to let you creep on that cute person in the gym and, according to Gizmodo, the app even described itself in a press email as “Tinder for athletes.”

We don’t know who is going to use this app, aside from being made for douchebags, it has all whole host of creepy features For it to work, you have to grant it access to all of your photos, as well as give it permission to track your location at all times — even when you’re not using the app.

But the worst thing about this whole idea has to be the trailer for the app, which just, well, you can see for yourselves…

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