Gym Etiquette For Gentleman

Bicep Curls Get Girls.

Going to the gym is an important part of the gentleman’s life, not only are we well-groomed and stylish, we also have the bodies to back it all up. Instagram has made the gym the hot spot for men to just turn up to the gym do a couple of reps and add hashtags such as #gym #fitness to their transformation photos. There are a lot of douchebags in the gym and if you can’t think of one in your gym, you are probably him. Let us show you how you should behave in the gym.

Return The Weights.

If you aren’t strong enough to put the weights back, don’t bother with picking them up. This is a pet peeve for those who go gym regularly. Has this happened to you? You spend ages looking for a certain weight only to find that some lazy person has taken dumbbells to the the leg curl machine and not bothered to put them back.

If you don’t have the discipline to put back your weights what does this say about other tasks you do in your life?

Wipe Down The Machines.

This is another simple thing most people can’t seem to grasp in the gym, when you used the machine it wasn’t covered in sweat, so do the next person who uses the machine a favour and clean up your sweat.

We all know the phrase that if you don’t sweat in the gym then you are not working hard enough, but this is only true of you own sweat. No-one want to be covered in your sweat.

We Get It, You Lift Bro

The gym can be a zoo at times and we mean this literally, if I was to blindfold you and take you to a gym and you heard random shrieks and screams, you’d think I’d taken you to the Amazon rainforest.

Now we aren’t saying you can’t make any noise whilst doing your set, but gripping the bar in the squat rack and shaking it whilst screaming nonsense is just to far. Especially, if you have 20kg on both sides, you aren’t impressing anyone, what would be impressive is you actually hitting depth with those squats.

Put The Phone Away.

If your only motivation to go gym is so you can take photos and snapchat your whole session, just invest in a home gym. Not only does using your phone excessively annoy everyone who loses their pump waiting to use the machine you are taking ages on, are you really getting in a good workout?

If you are taking time after every set to go through your instagram feed, you are definitely not getting as good a workout as you should.

Don’t Try Chat Up Women

Before you walk up to a woman in the gym, ask yourself why am I here? If you answer is to get a good workout and carry on your day, the woman whose workout you are going to interrupt probably has the same reason.

This goes for women clad in make up, and have just been taking selfies they are still there to promote whatever weight loss tea is trending at the moment.

You may think you are slick walking up to the hot girl everyone has been eyeing up, but we’ve all had the same idea, but we are more invested in our workouts and we are smart enough to realise that finding a new gym you like is hard. Gym one night stands never work, you will see each other at the next session and one of you is going to have to find a new gym.

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