Youtube sensation, the Chicken Connoisseur has a book deal.

chicken connoisser youtube

You may know him from his highly popular Youtube channel, where he rates the best chicken takeaways in London. 

The Connoisseur – real name Elijah Quashie – will release ‘The Pengest Munch: In Search of the Nation’s 50 Favourite Chicken Establishments’ on 5 October. The Connoisseur has become popular from the videos he uploads to Youtube, which involve him visiting a new chicken shop every week. He usually orders the same meal, chicken burger, fries, wings and a drink. His success proves that with a HD camera,  a friend who studied video editing and a love for chicken. You can make it in this cruel world. 

The Connoisseur has already started research for the book, having asked his fans on twitter  “What’s good people?! Obviously man ain’t really left London to check for a decent munch so I set up this ting for you man to vote for the ones you rate the most.” If you’d like your favourite chicken spot  to receive a visit, you have 25 days to cast your vote on the Connoisseur’s official website.

Now he has got a book deal, surely Nike will sponsor him now, we are pretty sure he doesn’t show of his Nike trainers in his videos for the fun of it. 

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