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Style your outfit with Kanye West’s New Jewellery Line.

Kanye west jewellery collection

Kanye West has followed up  his string of releases with, his new jewellery line. 

The collection which was teased last September is now a reality.  The collection of gold chains and rings has been made in collaboration with Jacob the Jeweller’s Jacob Arabo.  According to Vogue, the 12-piece gets inspiration from Florentine art, particularly Donatello’s bas-relief portraits. We first saw glimpses when Kim Kardashian modelled the jewellery during YEEZY Season 4. Kanye told Vogue “I wanted to create something that represented timeless love”. 

The YEEZY jewellery collection is now available for purchase at yeezysupply.com and Jacob & Co. starting at approximately $1,530 USD, with prices going up to $11,180

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