This Is The Problem With Political Discussion In 2017


Let’s Make Political Discussion Great Again.

As a disclaimer, here at The New Gentleman we do not have a political message we are trying to push, we strive to publish politically neutral articles even when we write about world leaders such as Donald Trump. If you want to see why we think Trump is a marketing genius click here.


Now on to the discussion, note how we said discussion. People do not want to have discussions anymore, this is one of the most fundamental problems in political discussion today. If anyone initiates any sort of controversial discussion be it on immigration, everyone puts up barriers using words like ‘racist’, ‘islamophobic’. We won’t deny that some people allow racism and dislike of Muslims for trivial reasons to cloud their political judgement. These people most likely won’t engage you in an intelligent argument and would rather just insult you by calling you a ‘snowflake’ or ‘libtard’ and that would the extent of the argument, you won’t get an understanding why they hold the views they do.

However, this is not a one-sided affair, people on the left are guilty of this as well, the word ‘racism’ is now thrown around so much that its losing its meaning with every day that passes. Whilst we are on this topic, the definition of racism is someone who discriminates against another person based on the colour of their skin. Being Jewish doesn’t have anything to do with your race. This is anti-Semitism. People make sure you are using these words in the right context, I’m tired of seeing the word racist splattered on every comment section on the internet especially when it’s being used as a shield to avoid a discussion.

What is a political discussion?

 It’s where people with opposing views come together and have an intelligent argument of why they hold certain views. If at the end of this you manage to change another person’s way of thinking or you leave with a different viewpoint you have never thought of, the discussion has been a success. However, if you leave without changing your mind and those of the people you had an argument with, this does not mean the exercise was futile. The fact that you all managed to go into a debate with open minds shows that democracy still rules. In the western world, we take advantage of the democracy we have, the people in China, North Korea, Zimbabwe and other non-democratic nation do not have this luxury.

Discussing controversial topics does not have to define your political views, we have noticed this is more of a problem on the left. Which in recent years has seen a rise in excessive political correctness. Illegal immigration is a problem, if you deny this you are part of the problem with political discussion in 2017. We need to have these discussion, Britain is currently in the process of leaving the European Union. Until that process is complete we need to discuss the problems the NHS faces with people from who come from other EU nations with the sole goal of defrauding the NHS by receiving free treatments even though they do not pay tax or even live in the country. This is at the expense of taxpayer money and may lead to British nationals not getting the treatments they need. We also need to discuss radical Islam, people are being radicalized online and are going on to commit terrorist attacks. We cannot shy away from these discussions because we are afraid of being perceived as ‘racists’ or ‘islamophobes’. There is nothing wrong with saying that radical Islam is a problem, it’s when we start saying that Islam as a religion is bad, which creates issues because this is not true. Muslims do not support the atrocious acts being committed by terrorists who have just interpreted the Quran wrong.


Fake News.

trump memes

People, memes are not evidence, neither is a screenshot you took on twitter. We have noticed lately, when people are arguing on Facebook or any other platform, people will send in memes as if they somehow cement the argument they are making. This also includes posting articles from well-known bias media outlets. Do not just read a headline and run with it, read the entire article and after you have finished reading the article research the topic. Recently Obama was in the news for accepting $400,000 for a speech, we wrote an article on this click here to read it. Other media outlets reported this story villainizing Obama and most people ran with this narrative bashing Obama. However, what these people failed to do was to research, a quick google search would have let you know Obama is not the first head of state to make money from his position. Bill and Hillary Clinton have made over $150 million doing the same, except Hillary hasn’t been a head of state. Republicans, don’t rush to get you ‘lock her up’ picket signs, George W. Bush has made $20-35 million from the same endeavours.


Congratulations, if you have made it to the end of this article without being offended, it shows you came here with any open mind. Hopefully, we have made some good points that people will take into consideration next time they find themselves in a debate. We don’t mind if you disagree with us, we welcome this, tell us in the comment section what you disagree and agree  with and why and folks…let’s make political discussion great again.


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