The Presidential motorcade is the coolest thing ever!

Two out four of the successful assassinations of the American president where whilst the President was in transit.

The American President is the one of the most powerful people on the planet and there is no point they are more exposed than when they are travelling. For this reason transportation is one of the secret services agent top priorities and requires a lot of resources.

Presidential motorcade.

The Presidential motorcade is on of the most impressive transportation systems around, it can include up to 40-50 vehicles and over 100 people.

The first part of the presidential motorcade is made up of motorcycles and a scout car, this is the responsibility of the local police force to whichever the president is visiting.

The second part of the presidential motorcade is the Secure Package, this is the core of the motorcade because this is the group of cars that directly secures the president in case of attack. This group of cars can detach from the motorcade in cases of emergency and act independently.

In the Secure package, you can find the president’s limousine, however, there is a decoy limousine. So you can’t be sure which limousine the president occupies. These limousines are identical to every detail, they even have the same license plate that way an attacker cannot tell a spotter to find out which limousine contains the president.

The limousines are no ordinary vehicles, the whole vehicle is bulletproof including 5 -inch bulletproof windows. No windows apart from the drivers can open because of this as they need to pay tolls. The entire vehicle is hermetically sealed to protect the president from a chemical attack. On board are night vision google, rocket powered grenade launcher, pump-action shotguns, bottle oxygen and two pint of the presidents blood type. 

Leading the secure package is the USSS Electronic Countermeasure Suburban. This can leads the secure package because this vehicle is responsible for jamming any remote activated explosives that could be placed on the route. The two antennas send out a blast of radio frequencies that would block any signal trying to detonate a bomb.

The other car in control package team is the control car and this carries the presidents essential staff, including military advisers and the presidents doctor all of whom would be important in an emergency. They break off with the president’s limousine if the situation requires it. 

The last two cars are full of secret service personal. One of the cars known as the half-back carries the presidents personal secret service personnel these are the agents who are always of the presidents person. The second is the CAT(Counter Assault Team) car. You can always spot these cars easily because the back windows are open and there are secret service agents sitting in rear facing seats ready for action. In the image you can see the president’s personal staff wear suit and tie whereas the assault team is in army gear. 

Other cars in the motorcade include:

Hazardous material Mitigation Unit.

This has personnel who can react to any chemical, nuclear or biological attacks. 

Press vans.

These carry any reporters. 


This vehicle has a lot of antennas and its main responsibility is to keep the motorcade in touch with world by acting as communications hub. It  provides everything from radio satellite to  wi-fi. 

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