Forget The Coffee, Take A Cold Shower.

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A Cold Shower A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.

If you find your self struggling with low energy levels when you wake up, or you rely on caffeine during the day to keep you energised. You should try using this 90-second shower trick, experts believe this is one of the most natural ways to increase energy. 

The problem with taking a normal shower in the morning is that it relaxes you more than it energizes you, the reason we use hot water is because we find it comforting. Also, if you have a bath or a shower before  going to sleep your brain becomes accustomed to that. Shower time will start to equal bedtime, we will expand more on how your brain makes certain links with some activities and the impact on sleep in our article on how to get to sleep quicker

BEEP BEEP BEEP! Your alarm has gone off, you look at the time and you start regretting staying up late to watch 13 reasons why. Today instead of your normal shower, we are going to mix things up. The first thing you  will do is blast yourself with cold water for thirty seconds, this will  shock your body into releasing adrenaline making sure you are fully awake. Now you can turn the cold water off and the hot water on, you’ve earned it(keep this to 30 secs as well). To finish off switch back to cold water for one last adrenaline rush and you are ready to start the day. You should do this after your normal wash routine so you are always finishing your shower with cold water, but try to always start the shower of with cold water when you get used to the sensation.


The rapid change in temperature opens up the capillaries, increasing blood flow which provides stimulation to energize your mind and body.

Cold showers aid fat loss because they cause more brown fat cells to made. 

Increased motivation; having a hot shower is easy that’s why most people in first world countries have one. It takes motivation to force yourself to have a cold shower and starting your day by doing something challenging will set you up for success for the rest of the day.

Watch a Navy Seal explain why you should end a shower with cold water.


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