Dear White People trailer has made a lot of white people angry.

In a world where everyone is pretty much offended all the time and  by everything, white conservative twitter has been irreversibly offended by a new Netflix show.

The Netflix trailer for the adaptation of  Justin Simien’s 2014 film Dear White People has sent white conservative twitter into a frenzy. You’d think with all this uproar that there is a social injustice taking place. However, conservative twitter is claiming reverse racism on a show tackling topics of racism against people of colour.


The 35 second trailer has managed to offend people even though we still don’t know the full premise of the show. However, if it is similar to the film  we know the show will tackle topics such as white privilege, dressing in blackface, interracial relationships, black dildos, and the comment sections of Medium articles. This 35 seconds has managed to make people lose their minds.

One twitter user believes this show is anti-white…

Another believes this show will mean four more years for Trump.

The internet is going to be a messy place for a while, however if you are open-minded and enjoy good satire. Check out the very good film of the same name by  Justin Simien.

Dear White People premieres on Netflix on April 28. Watch the teaser below:


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