The Basics of Intermittent fasting.

The basics.

Intermittent fasting is a relatively new eating method that has been seeing a huge increase in followers. Note how I said eating method. IF as it is informally called is not a diet. Its merely just changing your eating window. The most common method is to fast 16 hours a day. That sounds hard I hear you say. If you are smart you can make sleeping a large part of your fasted window. For example, many people have the hours 2-10 as their eating window. However, you are free to tweak the eating window to your preferred time. It is also possible to reduce the fasted time, as a beginner trying to hit 16 hours will reduce motivation to carry on. So it is better to try off with a short fasting window to allow the body to adjust and increase accordingly.

I know many of you are thinking where do you get the energy you need to start the day. Cold shower! However, that’s a discussion for another day. One of the biggest benefits of IF is that in a fasted state your body result to using glycogen that has been stored as fat. But this does not mean you don’t have to keep track of your diet. If you want to lose weight you have to be a caloric deficit there is no other way to drop fat. And if you want to gain weight IF helps with staying lean but with the cost that building muscle slower. Therefore like any training method intermittent fasting has many benefits but some drawbacks. I am not in anyway saying IF will be the answer to your fat loss goals but I have found it beneficial to building muscle and staying lean.


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